Getting to Know Myself Through Yoga

I initially took up yoga as a form of physical exercise which best suited my body and my nerves. Living on doses of adrenaline on a daily basis and utilising high levels of energy due to the nature of my work, led me to search for something that relaxed me, stretched me and regenerated my energies through the technique of breathing postures – this I found in Yoga.

However as the years went by I started discovering Yoga on a much deeper level. I began meditating and exploring my spirituality on a level, where all the most valid teachings, of all the different religions, fused into each other and became one, as I truly took on this practice as my way of life.

Not only has it done my body a whole lot of good, but it has opened my mind, offered me awareness of the self and of others, made me calmer, more patient, more tolerant and eager to do good around me. With yoga I actually look forward to growing older, wiser and above all, healthier.”

“I highly recommend spending some time in an ashram retreat if one is truly serious about Yoga. It will definitely give you the discipline to embrace yoga as part of your life.”

In 2010 Clare became a fully qualified Yoga Instructor under Yogacharya Krishan Verma, Badantogast Germany.