The Actress – Theatre

Clare was only 15 years old when she was discovered  by the renowned Maltese theatre director and author, Karmenu Aquilina. He immediately noticed the quality and strength of her voice and the ability with which she carried herself on stage.  Mr Aquilina then directed her in a school play – her first performance ever, where she played the main role in ‘La Locandiera’, (Carlo Goldoni).

That same year she attended the M.T.A.D.A. (Manoel Theatre Academy of Dramatic Arts) where she studied under Malta’s veteran tutors and graduated after 5 years.  Upon graduating she gave a performance at the Manoel Theatre to much critical acclaim and was hailed as one of Malta’s most talented actresses.

She has played leading roles including Yerma ( Federico Garcia Lorca), Juliet & Portia (Shakespeare) and Salome (Oscar Wilde) for which she was praised by critics for her heartfelt performances, strong presence and distinctive voice.


Since then Clare has ventured beyond our islands in theatre experiences and projects, with local as well as foreign artists.  She performed in two European Theatre Encounters; London (1996) and Istanbul (1998), the XI Biennale for Young Europeans and Mediterranean Artists in Rome (1999) representing Inizjamend with a devised theatre piece called ‘RIH’ and at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002 followed by Switzerland, Poland, Belarus and India with an original physical piece of theatre ‘KANDOR’.

To date Clare continues to engage in projects generally of a deep nature and stimulating enough to allow her to express herself in the most intense and passionate way.  She loves performing but is equally committed to the process of rehearsing with other fellow actors who share her same passion.


2014 – “Jien inhobb, inti thobb”


February saw the return of Clare on the famous stage of the Manoel Theatre in the emotionally challenging role of Emily in “Jien Inhobb Inti Thobb”, a Maltese contemporary theatre work dealing with sexuality.  Read more here


2009 – 2016 “I could be anyone”


Since 2009 Clare has collaborated with British Actor Matthew Scurfield…Read more here