Date Nights Saved Us!

September 23, 2018 Clare Agius 3 min read No Comments

Heading off to a sports bar in Mgarr wearing Charles & Ron is not exactly what one may consider a date night but this is how my husband and I have found our balance. He attends C&R‘s PALAZZO fashion show […]

I Am Not 100% PURE

September 9, 2018 Clare Agius 2 min read No Comments

I have long been passionate about a healthy approach to living a balanced life. Balance being the key word here because I will not proclaim I am Free from toxins, a hard-core fitness enthusiast, junk food free or a walking […]

A Penny for Your Thoughts

August 19, 2017 Clare Agius 4 min read

Triggered by the feedback I received after my last photo post, I decided to write this blog so even if one, two or a few people come forward and reach out, it would have served its purpose. I posted this […]

Massage of the Gods

February 19, 2017 Clare Agius 3 min read

If the gods were massaged, I am certain they got HOT STONES MASSAGES. I do not remember much of the actual massage I had this week at Myoka Sands Spa, for after a few minutes into it I was gone […]

My Christmas Present

January 23, 2017 Clare Agius 4 min read

A month on and finally my husband and I have some time to actually get each other’s Christmas Presents!! My wish was very simple. I need someone to actually make the appointment for me & make me go for a […]