This is the stuff that makes me cry!

November 9, 2018 Avalon Studios 1 min read

I wish to thank the thousands of people who shared this clip, the hundreds who are already doing something about it and shared it with me and to the news portals that picked it up…… I promise to keep on […]

My Other Self

October 9, 2018 Clare Agius 2 min read

In my early 20’s, at a time when I practically lived in and out of different theatre characters, I struggled with the thought of not being real and not having one true nature.  I used to find myself in every […]

Super Honey

October 1, 2018 Clare Agius 4 min read

Manuka honey is a type of honey native to New Zealand. It’s produced by bees that pollinate the flower Leptospermum scoparium, commonly known as the manuka bush.  Manuka honey’s antibacterial properties are what set it apart from traditional honey. Methylglyoxal is […]

INSTAGRAM Gave Me A Complex!

September 25, 2018 Clare Agius 3 min read

This was my first Summer on Instagram. Each time I logged on, a photo of someone showing off their butt cheeks or perfect bikini bodies, popped up. It was enough to give me a complex if I had happened to […]

Date Nights Saved Us!

September 23, 2018 Clare Agius 3 min read

Heading off to a sports bar in Mgarr wearing Charles & Ron is not exactly what one may consider a date night but this is how my husband and I have found our balance. He attends C&R‘s PALAZZO fashion show […]

I Am Not 100% PURE

September 9, 2018 Clare Agius 2 min read

I have long been passionate about a healthy approach to living a balanced life. Balance being the key word here because I will not proclaim I am Free from toxins, a hard-core fitness enthusiast, junk food free or a walking […]