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TUESDAY 10th October 2017


According to my husband, the picture on the left is like a mug shot of a celebrity being arrested after a night out…hahaha!  Which is not actually far off from how i stumbled into Sonya’s salon this morning having been working round the clock and going home to some sleepless nights of baby teething!

Oh well, for the ones in the beauty industry, they will have no trouble seeing the immediate difference between Photo 1 and Photo 2.  For the others, have a closer look and spot the difference!  I literally stood in the same place and took a selfie BEFORE and AFTER my Biolight Peeling Facial of Repechage mastered by none other than Sonya Vanessa Gauci who once again managed to give me the right dose of education on the treatment I was receiving and the relaxation and ‘miracle’ effect I wanted from my facial!

Let’s face it, nowadays everyone wants miracle results but as she so rightly explained, they can only exist if you invest your time and efforts into learning about your treatments and ‘obeying’ your beauty therapist.  So far I have absolutely no regrets about investing both!  I am actually in love with my Repechage products and I will be posting about the ones im using at home in the coming days, but for now……

My second Biolight Peeling, with an increase of 30% glycolic acid, went very well and I am super happy with the result; the picture on the right!  Why am I doing peeling?  Because it is the perfect time of the year for it, as Ingrid, Repechage’s representative and distributor in Malta told me last week during ILSIEN IN-NISA.   Because Peeling is what speeds up my cell renewal and allows my skin to absorb the maximum out of all the vitamins and minerals I will be applying morning and evening.  And because if i want a miracle, I have to do it right!

So until my next facial visit, here’s one product I will be using for 14 consecutive days.  Its the Rapidex for home use; a gentle peeling with 8% glycolic acid…




Wed 6th September 2017


Repechage means to rescue or second chance. If only we were given a second chance in life, to do right what we have done wrong! Well, on one thing, which is the care of our skin, we can! I am sooo happy to have been introduced to the ‘Beauty from the Sea’ brand; REPECHAGE!

After a few session with Ingrid Coleiro, director at Makiba Essence, the distributors of Repechage, I began to acquire knowledge about the rich vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids which are so important to our skin and which the US family owned company of Repechage proudly present in their products which are seaweed based.

But let’s talk practical now. There is nothing better than experience in life and when it was my time to have my facial done by none other than the Skin Esthetician Sonya Vanessa Gauci in Naxxar, who has been working with Repechage for years and who has tons of experience herself in beauty, I was literally blown away. First of all you can tell straight away that those pair of hands know what they are doing as they are second to none! Her touch melts you away as she molds your face like the real pro she is, pumping up the blood which as she tells me, is the first and most important thing for skin rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles! Now with someone like Sonya, you know you can totally trust her product choice, which, coupled with her passion for the job, makes this experience really worth it!

My 2hr facial experience was a mix of absorbing all those vitamins and minerals as easily as I was absorbing the small bouts of information about how I can use the products to my best advantage, look after my skin so I can have a long term radiating effect and keep having the best looking skin for my age.

In the weeks to come and during the programme ILSIEN IN-NISA, I shall be sharing as much information as I possibly can, not because the products need any persuasion, but because what these passionate professionals are passing on to us in terms of knowledge about our skin, is something that we shall all have the privilege of knowing! And even if till now you have not looked after your skin much, there is now a second chance…..REPECHAGE!

pic 1 2



What it is and does:   A peel of 30% glycolic acid, combined with a laminaria complex (seaweed), delivers a stable acid which reduces irritation, calms, hydrates and gives anti-oxidant properties.

What properties where delivered during the treatment:                                                                            HEXAPETIDES, which help strengthen the skin structures (like Collagen).  DAISY and LIQUORICE, which interrupt melongenesis thus slowing down the melanin activity which is responsible for our pigmentation .    WATERMELON, protects against DNA damage which causes skin discoloration

Result:      We have uncovered a luminosity we thought was gone forever … we’ve shed old cells, making the skin ready to absorb key ingredients to brighten and strengthen the skin.




fb post:  19th August 2017 at 22hrs

Triggered by the feedback I received after my last photo post, I decided to write this blog so even if 1,2 or a few people come forward and reach out, it would have served its purpose.

I posted this photo with the tag line ‘A Penny for your thoughts’ inspired by 4 different instances in a span of a week, where I overheard conversations relating to depression and lack of mental health.   By now, we all know that depression and mental illnesses, in their many forms and levels, are very common. Yet the most difficult aspect of this is still reaching out for help, talking about it and identifying it.

According to WHO, 1 in every 5 persons are severely depressed which they classify as the ones who nearly every time need medication because of the strong biological element that is present. I will not pretend to understand the severity of these cases but I can say something about that kind of ‘depression’ or mental crisis that 1 in 3 people go through at one point in their lives because I am 1 out of those 3.

In my case, I never called it depression but rather a lack of mental health at that particular moment in time. I am not new to psychotherapy; having gone for some sessions each time I felt I needed it, since my early twenties. The issues I wanted to deal with varied along the years; from stress and boundary issues, to emotional and relationship issues, to deep psychological struggles and so on. The point is that I always felt I wanted to do something about the lack of mental health at that particular time in my life and I was lucky enough to be exposed and aware of the professional services that exist.   BUT, it is not the same for most others and that is why I am speaking out loud! Because we all deserve to have the same access, awareness and opportunity to deal with our mental health and because it pains me to hear of so many families who suffer because of what their loved ones are going through. It also pains me to hear of the consumption of medication, sometimes ongoing, that most have to endure, thus robbing them and the family from using that money for more positive and life enriching things not to mention the repercussions of the long term effects of drugs. Don’t get me wrong, in some severe cases, medication is important and I value the professional advice on this.   In my case, beside seeking professional help, I sometimes reverted to Bach rescue remedy, which helped calm my daily anxiety levels, other times homeopathy, other times aromatherapy and I kept on going about my life as if everything was ok and normal. This is hard on one level, because you feel false pretending everything is ok when all you want to do is run to the nearest exist and burst out crying. But on the other hand, I felt it exercised the healthy part of my mind and therefore refrained me from slipping into a 24/7 state of depression.  I reached out to everything I knew would help, from yoga and deep breathing exercises, to meditation and praying, to getting massages and reading about the complexities of the mind. That is how badly I did not want to get caught up in it.

The aim of me sharing this is only one; and that is to serve. To serve as a link to those who wish to speak up but have not yet had the courage. To serve as a link to those who do not know who to speak to or where to begin. And to serve as a ray of light to the family members who cry for more awareness and less stigma around mental health.

There is valuable work and education going on and it is up to us to take part.

My husband came to tell me that at their work they had a ‘MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID COURSE’ which is organized by the Richmond Foundation and is aimed at all adults to be able to identify it and give first aid help to those developing a mental health problem or are in a mental crisis. I invite family members, educators, employers and employees, students and all you good people out there to find out more about how you can be of service and nip this problem at its bud.

In the meantime, next time you see someone staring out into space or engaged in deep thought, don’t just assume they are ok. Look out for other people’s mental health and when you do not know what to say or ask, this old phrase may help….. ‘A penny for your thoughts’.




MASSAGE OF THE GODS – 19/02/2017


If the gods were massaged, I am certain they got HOT STONES MASSAGES. I do not remember much of the actual massage I had this week at Myoka Sands Spa, for after a few minutes into it I was gone and coming out of it was much harder than coming out of general anesthetic! I will share with you how it started and what I learnt about this massage therapy that dates back to 2000 years ago.

The hot stones are volcanic, smooth-surfaced Basalt, formed from hot lava exposed to the elements of sun, wind, heat and cold over thousands of years. These factors press the minerals together forming a concentrated mass of minerals and crystals which properties let them retain heat for a long time. With this information, I did not need much persuasion when the therapist told me that they have magnetic power and can remove negative energy be it physical or psychological. After all the Romans used to lie on them in their Roman Baths,      Native American Women used them to relieve menstrual pains and the Chinese believed they improved the function of their internal organs. But somehow, in today’s western world, we all want to question, doubt and be skeptical which is maybe why, some do not reap the full benefits of these available treatments done by professionals who really know and love what they are doing such as Aleksandra. So for the skeptics, say what you will but for my kindreds, this really is a massage on another level!

To get into the spirit, I took some time to enjoy the steam room, which is available and complimentary to anyone having a treatment (along with a sauna, jacuzzi and pool). When I walked into the treatment room Aleksandra explained that the stones had been heated in sanitizing water prior and that they will be tactfully placed on my body to aid the deep relaxation of muscles which by now we have identified as my most problematic. She told me that so far we had done a lot of work with each massage but with this treatment I was allowed to relax, let go and sleep if I wanted to. Yeah right! I did not tell her that I had never slept during a massage, mainly because I always want to work with the masseur to release my pains through conscious breathing or maybe because I tend to be a bit of a control freak;) Anyhow, as she placed the stones on my back at certain trigger points, their heat began to immerse into me. With some other stones she began the massage which at first I thought is too gentle for my liking but I did not have time to say anything for I began to sink into this precious state of sleep which was interrupted by the end sound of the singing bowl after some 85minutes. I could not open my eyes, and when I did, I could not open my mouth to speak. So I just smiled… for I felt exhilarated!

Days later I felt that my muscles were still relaxed and that this was the result of the deep work in the tissue the Hot Stones Massage allows the therapist to do. This is the type of heat that indeed relieves pain, opens up the blood vessels so there is automatic increase of circulation, which in turn, delivers more oxygen to the muscles. So if you do not believe in magic, believe in this scientific knowledge and you have your results!




Sleep deprivation and Bamboo Massage -7/02/17

What’s the relation between the two you may be saying…Torture? Well, not really. In my case one led me to the other. But let me start with sleep deprivation, which has been used as a form of torture since way back.

The reason I am writing my chronicles and sharing them with you is down to 2 main reasons. Firstly because some of the things I share may be of comfort to someone. And because it helps put things into perspective.

It has almost been a year and only now can I begin to talk about it. The effects of lack of sleep left me blurry to say the least. For weeks/months I believed I was not a good mother and this very thought destroyed me. I was finding myself loosing my patience too often with my 4 year old and my new born, unable to concentrate, cope with my daily activities and put to practice any technique or philosophies which I thought I was equipped with. What was the worse though, was the fact that I believed I was not worthy of complaining about anything because compared to the hardships some mothers have to go through, mine was a walk in the park. But it is only when I began to acknowledge that personal hardships are indeed personal and relative to what you are going through that I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish for this message to reach all those who think the same. Do not grin and bear it because you feel you are not worthy of speaking about your pains, troubles and problems because someone else has it much worse. Otherwise, before you know it, you could be drowning. So just in case you are passing through this, acknowledge the below fact and do not be hard on yourself.

SLEEP is a basic biological necessity for all humans and prolonged sleep deprivation leads to mental and physical problems. It also makes tasks requiring high cognitive function more difficult, so no wonder my ability to think, rationalize and feel balanced were jeopardized to the point that I believed I had lost myself.

So I consciously took this decision to treat myself weekly with these massages because besides their therapeutic effect, it was a clear message to myself that my wellbeing matters. My high tension and pains in my muscles led my therapist Aleksandra to recommend Bamboo massage as my next session at Myoka Sands Spa and my first thought was ‘‘Seriously?! Am I going to be beaten up with a stick?!” So I went and did some research…

Bamboo sticks were used as a Healing Tool in ancient China, Japan and Indonesia and in those cultures still symbolize life, energy, prosperity, longevity and fertility. Considered to be one of the most multifaceted plants on earth, bamboo has earned its reputation from its holistic and soft appearance, as well as its perseverance under any conditions. Using them during a massage has many benefits. To mention just a few, they help to release the tension in the muscles in a very deep way, help break cellulite therefore are good for water retention and loosing weight, and can improve sleep quality and help insomnia!

What I experienced with Aleksandra was very deep, as she used the bamboo to mainly work through my knots and built up tension. I could feel the bamboo bumping its way through my knotty parts, which was a clear signal to where she had to work. She started from my legs which helped me familiarize myself with the feeling of this rolling, smooth tool so by the time she reached my back, I began to relax into it and allowed this work to melt me and feel that I am worthy of such good treatment at the end of my week no matter what! This Bamboo Massage did a great job in my Holistic & Oriental Massage Program that is surely bringing me back in touch with myself.

May I also add and include some daddies out there who may also be suffering from sleep deprivation. Hey guys, you too deserve a treat and if you have hairy bodies, you may wish to consider a Bamboo massage. As I was told, the smoothness of the bamboo sliding off your bodies is a pleasure compared to the waxing feeling some massages can give you;)

line_shadow-flatLomi Lomi Nui – Hawaiian Temple Massage … A one of a kind experience – 30/01/2017



Lomi Lomi meaning: to Knead, to work in and out as the paws of a contented cat!!!

Artist:Dagmara Zaczeniuk

For those of us who have the luxury of having a cat that does that, you can understand why I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and almost meowed when I googled the meaning of Lomi Lomi, after Aleksandra, my massage therapist suggested it for my Myoka Sands Spa visit. I had never heard of it but if you read my last blog you know that I have decided to put my trust in my therapist so if she recommends it, I must need it.

In Hawaii, in ancient times, this massage was performed by priests and guardians of mystic knowledge and healing and was performed on the ‘chosen ones’!  Oh yes I’ll have some of that please!

When I walked in to the massage room, Aleksandra was wearing a sarong (for freer movement) and she humbly bowed to me (as she had done the previous time) and gave me a brief introduction of what I was to expect and if I am ok with it.  This moment between therapist and client is very important because being honest will determine your experience so don’t shy away from being truthful. She asked me if I wish to light a candle and set an intention/wish and if I minded that she starts the massage with a short chant. I was in my comfort zone so of course I said ‘go ahead’ but for those of you who may think they’ll feel uncomfortable, I can maybe tell you to let go a little and relax about it because it’s all for the good of your experience. This profound massage is one of the oldest and most powerful as it uses long continuous flowing strokes combined with the very loving touch of the masseur to relax and let go. One of the most important things I learnt about today’s massage is that old beliefs, patterns and behaviors that cause limitations are stored not only in our heads but also in the cells of our body! So body work, is of utmost importance if we wish to tackle a problem or blockage that we are facing, be it physical, emotional or mental.

As the work started I began to melt away. If they had blindfolded me before entering the room, I would have thought there were more than one pair of hands working on me! The therapist uses her hands and arms to work but you can also tell that it’s coming straight from her heart. It was so deep that I couldn’t get myself to get up from the couch when my 85 minutes were up! Good job that they have a relaxation room that I could slowly come round in as I sipped on the lemon & cucumber infused water. It’s all in the detail and totality of this Spa’s experience that prompts me to continue making these visits and sharing them with you.

But to conclude…the days following the massage I felt so much movement in my physical body, I had had these tension headaches for weeks before and for the past days they didn’t appear once! I had had nerve pains in my hands from lifting my son, which also seemed to have disappeared. But it was not all rosy I tell you. My bowel movements went a bit crazy and my emotions came gushing out on me! From my knowledge, I know that this is a good sign of blockages having been unblocked and we all know that these blockages in our body, are what cause all kinds of sickness if unattended to. So Lomi Lomi Nui Massage it is!

And one other thing, we seem to have forgotten the Healing Power of the human touch and how strong it can be in restoring our well being which is why I am so happy to be able to offer the opportunity to one of you to experience this massage thanks to Myoka Sands Spa! Just LIKE and SHARE…And book yourself in J


My Christmas Present – 23/01/2017


A month on and finally my husband and I have some time to actually get each other’s Christmas Presents!! My wish was very simple. I need someone to actually make the appointment for me & make me go for a massage because I seem to have been finding 101 things I NEEDED to do which were more important that looking after myself.   The timing cannot be more perfect! Im on the brink of spiraling down and I have 2 options, allow myself to do so or reach out for help.

My husband rose to the occasion and booked me in at Myoka Sands Spa, a stone’s throw away from my house so I had no excuses. He told me 2.30pm but when I arrived, literally a few minutes before, the Spa Manager smiled (a bit cheekily) and said ‘Good, you are here! Your appointment is actually at 2.45pm but we told you 2.30pm so you have time to calmly change into your bathrobe & do a bit of sauna/steam room before’. How pleasantly surprised I was! Ding Dong….reality check! This is I.   Always rushing around to arrive everywhere on time, which causes me to feel like I am chasing my tail the whole day through! No wonder I feel stressed.

I gazed into nothingness inside the steam room and I let my thoughts pass my by as I began to take deep long breaths.   Yoga has thought me to not take too long to switch off so I was determined to make the best of my time. Little did I know what awaited me!

I was greeted by this tall, very welcoming foreign therapist who took me into the treatment room, which immediately oozes that relaxation sensation with its dim lighting, wooden furnishings & soft music in the background. She asked me some basic questions after which I promptly told her that I am very stressed and I need a strong, deep massage. She listened carefully and took me in. She told me that the treatment I was booked for was the Signature Sands Spa Massage, which is designed to alleviate stress, ease aching muscles and revive the senses with essential oils.   But she reassured me that she will work with what I needed and that I must remain open and tell her if Im hurting. She made sure I understood the difference between good pain and bad pain and in just those few minutes I instantly felt I was in very good hands so I relaxed and let her work away.   Well sort of because to take the maximum benefit out of a massage you have to also respond to the work itself. She was softly reminding me to breath out fully through my mouth as she presses deeply into all my painful muscles. I was noticing she was using combined techniques that felt right for that particular area and I thought, this is no ordinary massage and neither is she an ordinary therapist. At the end of this full hour, this master therapist asked me if I wanted her to be honest with me. And again, in just a few minutes she gave me a resume of my body that left me open mouthed. One expression she used was that I was like ‘flexible stone’ which is exactly what I felt I had become! She head read me like a book and spoke of my blockages in areas that I knew about. As she checked that I understood what she was saying, she gave me a bit more… .. and mentioned those emotional blockages which we all have but are too quick to conceal. I felt like crying but because she was recommending how I should move forward and that if I am willing she can work with what I need at each given time, I felt ‘emotionally supported’.

Jackpot! I will be back! I didn’t need much to book myself a package of 6 sessions which I’m determined to top up once they finish because frankly, who needs money in their wallets when you are not putting it to good use? I would have to spend it in painkillers, muscle relaxants and the whole lot to try and get myself feeling well again anyway. So I am marking my year 2017 as the year where I mostly need to restore, rejuvenate and revive so I can continue being the best I can be. This time, I need a little bit of help…… 😉 So until my next treatment, breath in and exhale long and fully from the mouth.
line_shadow-flat15910195_1416850881667559_401785312_n2016 was a stressful year for my body as it went through some changes. My last trimester of pregnancy, giving birth, the change in weight effected an old knee injury which led me to have an operation where I took General Anesthetic for the first time and above all, a beautiful baby who s giving me a lot of sleepless nights bless him. Nothing more than the average human being so I do not want to draw any particular sympathy because its not what this article is all about. Im writing first and foremost as a reply to the many well wishers after I posted that my immunity collapsed on me…thank you! Some offered to even bring me ‘brodu’ which is always my Nr1 meal when we r feeling sick around my home. I was touched. But I also know that half of Malta is sick at the moment and perhaps a few like to share ways of how they get rid of their colds, flues, viral infections and the works!

This is my way……..

Firstly I UNDERSTAND why it happened and thus my introduction here above. It had been long coming. Physically I had a rough year. I also faced some emotional challenges that I know for sure attributed to my collapse. But luckily, through it all, I remained mentally healthy and that is mostly due to the fact that I remained active with work and meeting my sisters weekly to do the TV programme was surely a dose of feel good factor and pick me up that was mostly needed! Even the fact that by force I had to keep up with getting my hair done and my nails and make up and getting dressed up… it all helped as otherwise im sure I would have spent this year wearing one PJ after another, which would have mentally effected me. Im saying all this as I know most people can relate to one thing or another and sometimes we just need that little bit of empathy and UNDERSTANDING to bring us forth.

I had been waiting for Christmas, for I had a week off and we were going to the UK to see my in laws. So just before, I thought I needed a deep chinese massage to start winding down but as I so very well know, but did not factor it in at the time, literally a few hours after my massage, I triggered it all! The sneezing begun and by the next morning I was full of it. With the circulation & lymphatic movement, all the tiredness and what I had been suppressing all those months came gushing out. Great! The day after I had to take a flight and it was all I needed to have but I could not stop it coming out!  And neither could I stop the fact that I passed it round to my boys and my husband & his in laws for that matter! But of course I had no time to recover or look after myself as I had to tend to them. So I took some of the normal stuff you find at chemists and got on with it. It kind of passed but I remained feeling weak and sure enough, a few days after 1st of January I went to yoga, which was another trigger, and it came back with a vengeance! This time, I knew I had a virus. I love green but not in the colour of my mucus thank you very much! OK, time to get serious and apply my knowledge because I simply cannot afford to spend the next few months getting sick! I immediately called my homeopath and picked up an infectious mix homeopathic remedy. She recommended I start taking a mix of 1 teaspoon of turmeric mixed with coconut oil/milk, a good dash of black pepper & ginger and this became my ‘spoon full of medicine’ morning, noon and evening! I picked up a load of organic green leaves (chard, kale, spinach.. the lot!) and made sure I was stocked up with fruits and vegetables. Warm water with drops of Propolis, fresh ginger & lemon.   I sorted my boys out with mum’s help and my husband and I had to stay in bed all afternoon because my head, ears and throat were throbbing! This was Tuesday. I slept in the spare bedroom for a full night, with a pod steamer and cancelled most of what I had on the next day so I stay in and rested. By Thursday morning what came out of my nose was so much clearer and I knew it was working! I also felt physically stronger and was able to cope with my family, work and all else slowly slowly.   I also did another session of good yoga on Friday morning and felt that all those forward bends, inversions and deep breathing where helping me decongest.  I closed the week with a deep face & head massage facial that restored my look and how i was feeling.

All the above ways of taking care of yourself and healing naturally so that your immunity is built on solid ground is time consuming and it would be so much easier to pop a couple of pills but with all I know and the access I have to some of the best people on the island to help me along the way, I would be a fool not to take this route.

So I wish to encourage all those who are not feeling well to make use of all the good things, ways and people in life because it is certainly the best way forward!  I am very much like most of the women out there who have to look after their families, work and continue looking and feeling good about themselves.  I may die tomorrow but for now, as long as i live, i would like to live healthily to the best of my knowledge which comes at a price…. TIME!  SO MAKE TIME….Time for rest, time to eat well, time to understand your body and what it needs and how its healing.  From the bottom of my heart i wish you good health and well being xxxline_shadow-flat

Alot of people have been asking about how I lost my extra weight so I decided to blog about it and answer everyone’s questions. Let me start by first saying that I only had 6 kilos to loose, but because my frame is small and I’m barely 5ft ‘2 tall, those 6 kilos do make a difference. After I gave birth to Liam in March, all I could think of was getting some sleep if I had an extra hour, so my first advice to someone who wants to loose weight after having had a baby, is not to beat yourself up about it too early. On the other hand, do not get into the comfort zone of not doing something about it because before you know it, a year or more would have passed and it becomes harder to shed the accumulated weight. I used to keep my focus on it and when the time came, I went for it! This is how I went about it. EATING CLEAN FOOD. By now I know a thing or two about what foods work for me, what gives me energy and what piles up my kilos, but I still sought guidance. I spoke to Antonella of Beauty Team, and she gave me some great guidelines on nutrition and asked me to drop by weekly to do some slimming machines (more on this later). I was determined to reduce drastically any flour and sugar intake and that included not making a Bolognese with canned tomatoes but use fresh ones instead! So many hidden sugars one must be cautious of nowadays. I also cut out the bread and pasta except for the odd spelt cracker here or there. I started my days with a bowl of Organic Oats and semi skimmed milk. Most of the days I added half a banana as I found it gave me my morning energy especially if I had a rough night with little one. My snacks throughout the day would be a green apple, some almonds and some yoghurt. For lunch and dinner I would eat protein (mainly fish or chicken), simply cooked or steamed with all kinds of vegetables or salads (again, very simply cooked, no sauces but for extra virgin olive oil). I would add 2 spoons of rice during lunch time and by 7pm I would try to have my dinner. If I’m up late and I would need to eat something, I ate a couple of strawberries or a couple of teaspoons of yoghurt and that’s that. I’d eat some goat’s cheese but not daily. I’d throw in some sunflower or pumpkin seeds with my salad but id keep it very simple and enjoyed tasting the vegetables for what they really are. Sometimes I’d roast them in coconut oil (aubergines, zucchini, some sweet potatoes, spring onions, coloured peppers etc). Sounds boring but the truth is that I feel extremely well with a clean and healthy gut and it done the trick for me as I was loosing almost 1 kilo per week. Your body and mind learn pretty soon that as long as you are getting good fuel, you will feel well and can focus on the good benefits of this lifestyle such as becoming lighter, breathing easier, feeling cleaner inside, literally! I DRANK PLENTY OF WATER and my only other liquid intake was coffee (no sugar but with milk), which is not ideal as coffee increases cellulite but with a baby & lack of sleep, I really needed the kick. I even allowed myself some 99% chocolate every now and again and Im also being honest about allowing myself to eat that piece of yummy mummy’s pie on that one day a week. Or taking a few slices of pizza if my son ordered one when we were out.  But my rule was very simple. If I take it today, tomorrow and for the next few days, I eat clean. Having Antonella on my back really kept me on check! TONING MACHINES & SPA CAPSULE Going to Beauty Team once a week for a double slimming session, done me wonders. To be honest yet again, I never thought they would be so effective but I started seeing the results pretty earlier on and I must say its definitely worth my time especially since while strapped, I can carry on with my emails & phone calls so no time wasted for me! And that Spa Capsule! I felt my fat melting away during the 30mins I was inside it! Brilliant! EXERCISE I kept up my yoga which does give me an overall feeling of wellbeing in my life. But as I started loosing the kilos, I felt so much lighter and able to move through my practice with more ease. As I settle into my winter routine, and one of my boys started school, im able to manage my time with little one so that I can add a couple of sessions at the gym to do some weights under the guidance of my husband of course, who runs the Living Well Health Club at Hilton. But for exercise, again, I say, do what works for you. If a power walk is all you can fit in, that’s good. If you need to join a class, find one that you enjoy doing, or if you are better and doing something at home, then there are plenty of workouts you can follow. As long as you tell your body that from this day forward, you are going to be doing something for it, it will respond! MY CONCLUSION Some may say, with a personal trainer at home you must be very lucky but I tell you that all the temptations are there and he’s the first one to tempt me into them! Be it the bag of crisps, the bottle of wine or let’s go for fish and chips tonight! Well, I learn to be a little bit disciplined and modify my choice of food and my portion! I cannot stress enough that the portion of food we eat is very important. I eat enough but not too much that I feel bloated or full. And now after my 6 weeks were up, I started introducing back my wraps, some carbs and help myself to a desert or piece of cake every now and again but you know what? In reality, I do not need it or crave it like I did before. Except for chocolate, and coffee 😉 But I’m much more disciplined with food than I ever was and that for me is a big plus because when I indulge, I quickly know how to pull myself back to eating clean the next day. SOME TIPS for those who wish to start – Set a day to start your lifestyle change and keep to it. – Fill your fridge with colourful vegetables and get rid of all the canned stuff, processed foods, pasta, junk etc. – Seek guidance because having someone encourage you and keep you on track is very motivating. – Do it with enjoyment, knowing its for a healthier feeling more than anything. The shedding of the pounds is a welcoming bonus and so is looking much better in that fitted dress or pair of jeans. – Learn what is working for your body and yourself because that is how you can make it long lasting. When you get used to eating clean, you begin to taste artificiality in foods and refusing to eat them becomes effortless.  I hope you have found my experience motivating enough to make you want to go for it just like I did. Wishing you all the very best of health and happiness (which doesn’t only revolve around food!)ca


May 2014

As part of a project launched by the Ministry of Education in favour of literacy, Clare was a reading ambassador for a day. This activity was held at the Mosta Primary School, where she had the pleasure to read to year 5 students.   line_shadow-flat

May 2014

Clare performs once again at the Teatru Manoel on the 24th & 25th of May! “Jiena Nħobb, Inti Tħobb”  has been one of the biggest successes for Maltese Theatre at the Manoel in this last decade. The play deals with the topical issue of gay relationships and adoptions and its powerful, emotionally charged scenes as well as comic moments have had audiences in fits of laughter at one moment, and in tears the next.

line_shadow-flatMay 2014

A special edition of Ilsien In-Nisa, brought to you from Simshar’s Premiere Red Carpet! Watch the girls’ interviews with Clare Agius who speaks about her role and members of the cast & crew as well as other VIPs! [youtube]


April 2014

 Well worth the wait

“What initially catches the eye as the opening scenes of Simshar unfold are the typically Maltese colours that permeate the screen…” Read The Sunday Times Film Review here.


On the red carpet of the ‘Simshar’ premiere


For more photos of the ‘Simshar’ Premiere, please click here… [youtube]

The first Maltese, full feature film for the international market!

Clare plays Sharon,the wife of the only Simshar Survivor and mother to Theo, the youngest victim who was sent out to sea on this fatal day. A tragedy which sees Clare playing one of the most challenging and emotional roles yet!  Watch this space for more info soon!




March 2014

IMG_0982-pink-helmetI never thought id be seen wearing a pink helmet but here I am! Read more…           line_shadow-flat

Feb 2014nhobb-c

Clare performs to full houses at the Manoel Theatre in Simon Bartolo’s contemporary & controversial piece of theatre Jien Inhobb Inti Thobb, directed by Sean Buhagiar and Produced by Mario Philip Azzopardi.  Here is what The Sunday Times of Malta critic had to say...Read more here


side-by-side-newsJan 2014

Side by Side interviews Simshar’s director Rebecca Cremona & Clare on the multicultural aspect…Read more here line_shadow-flat

kate-gonzi-bookDec 2013

Clare contributes to Mrs Kate Gonzi’s autobiography I had met Mrs Gonzi on several occasions, but only had the chance to speak to her at length when I invited her as a guest on one of my TV programmesMhux ghal KulhaddRead more here


line_shadow-flatclare-simshar-newsJun 2013 interviews Clare on…Read more here

line_shadow-flatMay 2013

On set during filming, Maltatoday interviews Clare about her role in SIMSHAR; the first Maltese feature film. [youtube]


Clare wins  the Business, Economic, and/or Entrepreneurial accomplishment’ 2010…Read more here

line_shadow-flatprivate-eye-photoMay 2009

A personal interview with Clare over a glass of wine…Read more here line_shadow-flat

  • Josette August 20, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Hi Clare I too suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, believe me I really try to control the awful feelings that go through my body and it’s not easy I tried yoga which helped me I was also on medication for a couple of months but I stopped them I felt better but did not want to take them for too long .the symptoms come and go I really would like to try the hot stone message or some other help but as my husband is a pensioner I can’t go for an expensive remedy if only someone can help people like us! Thanks for sharing your situation with us .God bless you.

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